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Links on the Log: a Charming Cottage, a Squirrel Picnic Table, Picnic Inspiration and Mulching

cottage with blue shutters by Frances Schultz

Over on Pinterest, you are loving the curb appeal of Bee Cottage, the former East Hampton getaway of Frances Schultz. Schultz documented the decorating process on her blog before writing a memoir (I’m ordering it now!). I discovered this beauty on Café Design, check out blogger Eva Contreras’ profile on Schultz and the interiors of Bee Cottage here

This woman’s tweet about her squirrel picnic table went “viral” (too soon? It’s what it’s called) this week, and in looking into where to get one, I was thrilled and strangely proud to learn it’s a business local to me in PA! (As if the proximity to their business is a reflection on me!). Check out Squirrelly Treasure Co. on Etsy

Now that Spring is here, we’re itching to get outside more and hoping to have a picnic lunch one of these days. Here’s a roundup of my picnic ideas and blanket picks on Motif Motif.

daffodils in mulched garden bed

In our backyard, my husband mulched last weekend, and it really made our “monsta hosta” and daffodils pop.

hosta shootshosta shots

Pachysandra is in bloom, and Tuesday was a particularly busy day for the foxes in the neighborhood.

blooming pachysandra in garden bed

blooming pachysandra closeup

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