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From our backyard to yours…

My family’s recent move back to my home state of Pennsylvania has made nature a prominent part of our daily lives and inspired me to create artwork based on our bucolic surroundings.

Breakfasts are punctuated by busy chipmunks scurrying back and forth outside the kitchen. Playtime is interrupted to chase away squirrels with superhuman (or rather, supersquirrel) strength clinging to our bird feeder, competing with birds for seeds. A fox den behind the tree line is often obscured by herds of deer grazing.

The classic silhouettes you’ll find here are souvenirs of flora and fauna, a marriage of graphic illustration and the carved cameo portraits of yesteryear which served as treasured mementos capturing memories of travels and loved ones.

I’ve always loved the delicate, minute portraits captured in stone, and been taken by my imagination as I dream up the stories behind the people and places that inspired cameo owners to carry them.
Instead of being worn around your neck or pinned to your lapel, my cameos are meant to bring a touch of whimsy and occasional humor to your home, as they spark memories of the childlike wonder inspired by nature.
Designed and shipped from my studio outside of Philadelphia to you, my hope is these prints find a special place in your home like they have in ours.


Artist & Founder


named for animals, plants, and dwelling places


Meet Maura

photo of illustrator Maura Kelly

Founder and illustrator Maura started her cameo illustrations with a focus on dog breeds in 2012 and expanded to include other animals in 2019.

She also designs fabrics and has an interiors blog under the brand Motif Motif.