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Links on the Log: Learning resources for kids stuck at home, a Freebie, and a Pony

I plan on sharing weekly highlights of the week around here and online. I hope you appreciate that this series title sounds like ants on a log. It makes me laugh a little too hard inside. Without further ado...

    Resources for Kids - In looking for things to do with the kids while we're all stuck at home, I started a quick search for kids activities when I remembered Teacher pay Teachers.
      english country master bedroom from star bright farm
      School's out, but kids need structure, and I'm all about supporting teachers' work. All of the resources on Teachers Pay Teachers is created by teachers themselves. You can search by age and find what's relevant to your kids for things to do.

          For handwashing advice from someone who's not mom or dad, try this Doc McStuffins video. Sing the song with your kids while they wash their hands to remember how fun it is and Doc does it too so it must actually be important, and remind yourself it's for the greater good when you find you're singing it to yourself while you fall asleep.

          Over on Pinterest, you all can't get enough of this article I shared on English Country bedroom ideas. It's got great photos of beautiful traditional master bedrooms.

          For a smile, follow this Shetland pony, Teddy. A reliable Instagram feed of adorableness.

          I'm working on a freebie series to lift spirits since we're all stuck at home. The first is an animal flash cards scavenger hunt. Everything will be instant downloads and free for a week after introduction. Follow the link for more details.

          In backyard updates, we woke up to a gloriously foggy morning here...

          playhouse in terraced yard on foggy day...and daffodils are in full bloom.

          yellow daffodils in garden bed with rock in front of wooden fence

          Next up is weeding and mulching the garden beds.

          - Maura

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