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Learn to Play the Animal Flashcards Word Matching Game

When I printed out our Animal Cameo Flashcards I cut the names of the animals off to create more games to play for when I wanted to kids to practice letter recognition. After introducing the cards to our kids with the Scavenger Hunt, our 4 year old's interest was piqued when I told her I was saving the animal names separately for another fun new game. 

How to Play

Print out two copies of your flashcards. Cut along the dotted lines, but on one set also cut the names of the animals off as well. I eyeballed it, and rushed because the kids were so intrigued by this point. I'm sure you'll plan ahead and do a better job.

Set up with flashcards with the names into a pile. Lay out the separated names around the center pile.

squirrel flashcard word matching game

Your child can now switch the words to see which one matches the text on the card. Have them move matched cards to reveal the next card, and continue through the pile.

yellow ducky and squirrel flashcard word matching game

This simple game helps them learn how to recognize and spell the animals names as they see the pictures paired with their names. The first one is the trickiest, but by process of elimination they can gain confidence as the game progresses. You may need to work with them the first few rounds.

animal flash cards matched with names in word matching gameWhen they're done, display their work proudly. Download your flashcards here, and have fun!


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