Miracle Pre-Schooler Entertainment Freebie: Animal Scavenger Hunt Flashcards

A project I've yet to complete that the kids have been asking about due to getting the new website here ready was finally about to be underway: printing out more of my cameo art prints for each of their rooms. Sprucing up is what I like to do to lift spirits around here and redirect nervous energy, so I decided it was time. Then, it occurred to me that a lot of kids could use something to cheer them up while they're cooped up, and I got to thinking about how I might be able to help.

I've decided to introduce digital products, and to offer them as freebies for the first week of their release. This terrifies me a little bit, because it's really hard to protect your work when it's a digital download. I'm taking the faith in humanity route, and hoping these little freebies and instant downloads are a source of joy in your home.

All will be:

  • Instant digital downloads (3 download limit - save it carefully!)
  • Printable on 8.5x11” paper
  • Free for personal use
  • Free for 1 week, then listed for purchase

The first freebie in the series is an Animal Flash Card printout. I know what you're thinking: flash cards...really? BORING. My kids aren't nerds like you.

 animal cameo flash cards freebie printout

Listen. Don't be deceived by your previous knowledge of flash cards as boring repetitive exercises meant to bore information into your visual memory. These flash cards feature my cameo illustrations, and can be used for not just learning, but a game that entertained my young kids (ages 2&4) for AN ENTIRE HOUR yesterday. UPDATE: they spent another hour playing today!

So, really this freebie should be called a miracle.

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The Scavenger Hunt

animal cameo flashcards spread out on table

Print out your cards and cut along the dotted lines. You need two copies for the game, unless you're doing variation No. 1 listed below. I printed some on regular printer paper, then some on cardstock for durability. I elected to laminate them before playing, so as to build anticipation, and provide further entertainment since my children are fascinated and delighted by lamination. They are their mother's children. 


The game is simple. Get your kids to look the other way while you dash to one set of the cards around your house. Save a match for each card hidden, and hand out one card at a time. The first animal must be found before a new card is received.

If they spot other animals along the hunt for their first assignment, they must try to keep it a secret - if they get that card in the future, they'll know where to look. If they don't, they must not reveal hiding places to their competitors.

We played in a largely collaborative way, without much competition and the cards hiding in plain sight since the kids are little.

rubber ducky cameo flashcard hiding on fireplace


On top of the dining room fireplace was a particularly tricky spot - just above eye level, and normally we just walk right by on the way to the TV room.

Here's some more ideas for how to play:


  1. for really little kids, it doesn't even have to be a structured game, just let them run around and find them without dictating which animal to pick
  2. race to see who can find a set number faster in a round
  3. add in points per animal found, keep a tally over several games
  4. make it collaborative (we did this to start, and I helped as needed, of course)
  5. for beginning readers, cut off the words and hide the pictures. Then switch and hide the words and see if they can recognize them.
  6. have the kids take turns hiding them for each other, and you (this can be hilarious)
  7. for older kids, make it a bigger part of the day and plan ahead, hiding the animals in tougher to find spots that they might not discover until they're going through their daily routine

We also hid them by the back door...

rubber ducky cameo flashcard in front of door

And by the fireplace. Can you tell someone wanted to copy their big sister's idea?

elephant and rabbit flash cards on floor

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They'll be free until next Friday, March 27. Enjoy!

 - Maura

animal cameo flash cards freebie miracle preschooler entertainment pin


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